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After Dusk

Hello and welcome to After Dusk!

After Dusk is an old raiding guild, originating on the Sha'tar, before transferring to Silvermoon during patch 5.2. The team consists of friendly members that look for steady progression from both the old guild, and the newer one!

We are looking for additional players to make the final step to 14/14 Heroic 25M Siege of Orgrimmar to bring Mists of Pandaria to a successful end. Our raid times are 20:45 - 00:00 Mon, Tues & Friday. If you can commit 100% to these raid times, know your class, have awesome raid awareness and team spirit we would love to hear from you! (Ventrilo is essential)

Recruitment status is as below, and applications are to be posted on our forum under recruitment.

Currently recruiting:

Druid (Balance)  
Druid (Feral)  
Mage (Any)  
Monk (DPS)  
Shaman (Elemental)  
 Shaman (Resto)  


Please feel free to contact:  Tkisa, Lawwr, Mirithel or Grelind in game for further information.

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